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Aleš Čermák: The Dust Enforcer, 2017

[…] Nevertheless, Čermák’s video and texts (which, too, can be perceived as asymmetric in a sense, as they will probably always be impenetrable to those coming from the outside to a certain degree) are not unreservedly about a rational analysis of a single particular phenomenon. The artist is interested in broader structures and processes; be they economic-political mechanisms of global capitalism, the construction of history and memory, the forms and tasks of representation or the technological progress related to the post-human development of the world. “The end of the world must not necessarily mean the end of the world but merely the end of us.”

This is not a pleasant notion to most of us; however, as Čermák writes in another text, transformation goes through man, precedes the human and thus can also surpass man as well. Transformation is thus natural and we are its part, not necessarily its mover and regulator. In the future, transformation will inevitably bring new forms of asymmetry; for instance between the body and the artificial neural network. Who knows. – Tereza Jindrová

 The publication was created as part of a solo exhibition: The Dust Enforcer v oblastní galerii Liberec.

The publication in pdf format is free to download: The Dust Enforcer CZ, EN

Bibliographic data: Author: Aleš Čermák Publisher: Ausdruck Books Translation: David Koranda Graphic design: Jakub Kovařík  Formát: A3 Year: 2017

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