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Aleš Čermák: COMPLICITY OF THE EDGE OF EXTINCTION, (text published in the book Pollution Diaries), 2020

Though many lamps are lit throughout the house, Those with no eyes to see remain in darkness.

Instead of thinking of each discipline as a mode of knowledge, we might think of each as offering the difference between a mystery novel and a science fiction.
— Anna Tsing

But science fiction is the realism of our time. The sense that we are all now stuck in a science-fiction novel that we’re writing together — that’s another sign of the emerging structure of feeling.
—Kim Stanley Robinson

Space is not Outside, but inside the organism (just as on the other side, the Outside is already inside).
— Mark Fisher

Life = an immaterial substrate distributed in the social sphere.

On March 12, 2020, a global pandemic was declared.

Gaurav Thakur: Only drugstores and grocery stores are open, but the vegetable market was crowded and the grocery stores were full of customers after the announcement of the 21-day lockdown. People are afraid of food shortages and shopkeepers are raising prices. Out of fear, people pay more without a second thought. Since the 22nd of March, the air quality has changed dramatically because of reduced traffic. Petrol pumps are running, but very few people go there.

The book Pollution Diaries is a work of collaborative writing chronicling the daily life experiences of New Delhi. Authentic daily notes briefly describe the deteriorating weather situation in one of the world’s most polluted cities.

The texts were collected from the Whatsapp interview, which ran from May 2019 to April 2020 (in English, Czech and Hindi).

Editor: Veronika Resslová
Design by Terezie Štindlová
Year: 2020
Cover: Softcover
Language: English, Czech and Hindi

📕 You can read a separate text here: COMPLICITY AT THE EDGE OF EXTINCTION

📘 You can buy the book from Artmap bookshop or through the Kosmas distribution network.

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