Ausdruck Books Hybrid Publishing Platform (AB HPP) is a fluid collective of authors and performers focusing on research into embodied – multi-sensory forms of perception, hybrid – transversal thinking, social interaction, writing and education, which is moving towards performativity.

Through our practices, we develop the potential of so-called tacit/silent knowledge, meaning those forms of knowing which allow us to know (or see) more than we are able to communicate.

Open commentary on current activities:

Starting in 2021, we began developing the Sea-Water Amplification (SWA) educational and research environment, where, in a small international transdisciplinary team, we are trying to develop interspecies communication and mutlisenzoric methods of cognition in relation to outdoor pedagogy and epistemology of seascape. The epistemology of seascape in this project is not only a critical knowledge of the ocean and other marine-aquatic environments, but also includes a multitude of events and ideas that are organized according to how they move and interact with each other, emphasizing the recognition of our own perspective, mode of perception, and location within a dynamic, ever-changing interface. Many ocean transformations are perceived and explored on many levels and in many different ways, each mobilizing specific knowledge and referencing different conceptual frameworks, different imaginations, tools, and means. We explore how diverse the representational practices that make up the world are and try to deepen them further. We are currently operating on the Praia de Norte coastline in Portugal and on the island of Pico in the Azores archipelago.

Source NASA

By 2021, we were working on a large-scale performative-educational entity, The Transversal Navigation (TTN), which systematically focuses on creating different ways of being in the same world of so-called conceptual dislocation. Within the structure of the TTN, there are several diverse projects that have common starting points in performative-educational and procedural practice. The TTN returns and repeats itself, but each time in a different way. It is a total welcome to all possibilities. It always aims for maximum openness/observance – sensory alertness.


  • We focus on long-term educational research projects that have their primary background in performative and participatory practice, as an adequate method of getting to know the world.
  • Projects place an increased emphasis on developing flexibility, developing and thinking through the concept of the ecology of practice.
  • We always try to relate to each location or place in a specific situational way that draws attention to differences in perception between different environments and also draws attention to how we are able to think through these locations and places.
  • By working together we try to develop tools that are available and open to the widest possible range of co-creators.


Ausdruck Books was founded in 2010 in New York and as an independent publishing house. Over the years it transformed into its current form (AB HPP) which expanded its activities to research projects most often focusing on hybrid praxis and performativity.

The AB HPP team currently consists of Ales Cermak (artists, transdisciplinary researcher), Jindriska Cermak Krivankova (choreographer, performer, lector), Pavla Klouzalova (production), Jakub Gottwald (actor, performer).