AB_HPP [Ausdruck Books_Hybrid Publishing Platform] is a mutable collective of authors and performers focusing on the research of hybrid/transversal thought, social interaction, participative dramaturgy/praxis, writing and education based in performativity.

Through our practices, we develop the potential of so-called tacit/silent knowledge, meaning those forms of knowing which allow us to know (or see) more than we are able to communicate. The event of this synergy/cooperation changes the final outcome and creates an architecture of mutual solidarity and belonging.

A note on the present situation:

We are currently developing a vast performative-educational entity – The Transversal Navigation (TTN) which systematically focuses on creating alternate modes of being in a common world and cultivates conceptual dislocation. The structure of TTN consists of numerous diverse projects with outcomes in performative-educational and processual praxis. TTN returns and repeats, always differently. It remains wholly welcoming to all options. It always aims at maximal openness/sensitivity – sensorial awareness.

General outcomes:

  • The projects place strong emphasis on developing flexibility while systematically developing and elaborating an ecology of praxis.
  • Every motion of our body begins with a certain ordering, placement, community, diversity, proximity to other places or to parts of the landscape.
  • To what degree can your body distinguish your body? The ability to take part in the process of encountering other actors is an important aspect of this praxis which naturally leads to mutual learning, because knowledge is always a partly collaborative project.


Ausdruck Books was founded in 2010 in New York and as an independent publishing house. Over the years it transformed into its current form (AB_HPP) which expanded its activities to research projects most often focusing on hybrid thought/praxis and performativity.

The AB_HPP team currently consists of Aleš Čermák (artists, researcher), Jindřiška Křivánková (choreographer, performer), Pavla Klouzalová (production), Jakub Gottwald (actor, performer).