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Community at the Moment of Disintegration, 2021

Community at the Moment of Disintegration, is the third final part of the research performance-educational project The Transversal Navigation (TTN).

When the sun is shining and the rain comes with it, we see a rainbow in the sky. Similarly, all the diverse forms we encounter are the result of a fleeting connection among a num- ber of variables. But none of them have any physical existence.

When we say body, we mean that constantly undulating assemblage of bones, meat and blood, but in fact, no such entity exists. The illusory feeling of a physically existing I – the source of all suffering. In each individual pore of the body we see endless spaces – empty spaces of wisdom – spaces of creativity.

To be a body means to not wholly be a body. The body reproduces noise and interference out into the world. The body is a form of life which must always be reconstructed anew. The body naturally calls for a different language. With eyes closed you see a dark blue which disappears as soon as we open our eyes. The body is just as alien to us as the world, and that is why we should accept its strangeness.

Project author: Aleš Čermák  Supervision: Jindřiška Křivánková, Jakub Gottwald, Jan Bárta, Matouš Hejl Theoretical support: Marie Štindlová  Sound design: Matouš Hejl Grapfhic design: Terezie Štindlová Technical support: HAMU/GAMU Translation: Vít Bohal Project coordinator & curator: Petr Krátký (GAMU)

Website: The Transversal Navigation (TTN)

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Accompanying texts to the third part of TTN.

Aleš Čermák, On Strange Intimacy

Marie Štindlová, EN

The Transversal Navigation anthology contains texts from all three parts of the TTN. The texts are in chronological order and also contain an updated edition of the work-in-progress text Infinite Manual.

The Transversal Navigation, EN

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