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Klára, 2020

In an infinite dream Klára doesn’t realize that she is traped in a hypnotic dance and comes to suspect that he/her and the entire surrounding world are only a fictional diversion. Klára is not only a grotesque imitation of a human, it is the living, unmasked face of reality – and there exist no  ways to escape this world. Klára discovers the merciless mechanics of personality. She also irrupts into your sleep, is in fact its very essence. Says going to sleep is a bit like dying. We are caught in our own dreaming and there is no hope of escaping from such a dream. From a dream which we in fact never possessed.

Concept Jan Bárta / Aleš Čermák
Performer Jan Bárta
Sound Design Matouš Heil
Camera and editing Vít Trunec
Production CreWcollective

Special thanks Eliška Šárková

The project was created with the support of the City of Prague, the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and Studio Truhlárna

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