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QASM, 2017

QASM is a performative&collaborative SC(s)F = Speculatively Contemplative (Sonic) Fiction. In QASM we give a concept of something that is difficult to describe. It is very dark, hidden in the depths, and we intend to show that feeling by various means. The visitor enters the gap between the inpute and the output, between the input and the output, thus entering a certain intermediate state that lacks visuality – hence the thick smoke, but does not lack movement. It is a place where things are made, and even if we cannot see them fully, we can feel them first-hand. It is the result of thinking about movement, which not only has a visual reflection, but exists in everything – for example, in sound and also in thought.

Human eyes are becoming anachronous. It was precisely eyes of that kind which joined the techniques of surveillance and domination. At present, the vast majority of ‚operational images‘ remains invisible, though omnipresent and cutting right through physical reality. Images can kill, but what is new and terrifying about them today is the fact that their finger is on the trigger.

Operational images may not necessarily kill; it is bad enough that in terms of a long chain of historical images, they fulfil their psy-ops function.

The eyes are too ineffective to see what is going on. They grow darker and darker.

Technology can only see its reflection in the machines.

Team: Aleš Čermák, Jindřiška Křivánková, Jakub Gottwald, Michal Cáb, Petr Skala ad.

Website: QASM

The QASM project was presented at the Acropolis Palace on 21. 11 and 22. 11. 2017.

External resources:

Interview for dance news (only Czech language): Pohyb nemusí být jen vidět


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