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The Pedagogy for Expanded – Interspecies Listening – Meteorological Walks

We are publishing a new project, which is part of the extensive art-research unit The Pedagogy for Expanded Listening.

Meteorological walks offer a range of interactive, sensory stimuli taking place predominantly outdoors. The bulk of the activities are focused on the outdoor experience. Contact with weather worlds and other interspecies actors, which can ultimately be very productive because they constantly feature various forms of kinesthetic, visual and affective resonances. Through meteorological walks, children develop a special relationship with places and transience, because the weather is also, to some extent, a transient landscape.

Through our walks, we learn to “be influenced.” We learn to pay attention not only to our own movements, rhythms and stories, but also to those we encounter.

If you would like to organize any activity or methodology workshop in your neighborhood – your country, then email us at info@abhpp.org or contact us via Instagram.

📒 For more information, please visit this link: Meteorological walks 


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