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Klára Jirková, Aleš Čermák: Shaping History. Ed.2, 2012

The book deals with the interpretation of history from the point of view of different countries. It is created as a picture of one and the same event – the Second World War. The translated parts of the text from the history books of nine different countries of the world meet side by side. An important theme of this book is the possibility of comparing facts that normally do not or rather cannot meet.

Buy book (only Czech): Shaping History

Buy book (only Czech): Shaping History

The publication is free to download in pdf format (only Czech): Shaping History

Bibliographic data: Author: Aleš Čermák, Klára Jirková  Publisher:  Academy of Fine Arts in Prague  EAN: 9788087108376  ISBN: 978-80-87108-37-6 Language: Czech Format: 13,5 × 20 cm  Year: 2013

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