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Aleš Čermák: RETURN SELF.NEW, 2019

 Name: Emperor JiaJing X. (case hash: 1×13909 – privF). You have before you a spiritless part of the psyche in a body increasingly bereft of its soul. A body whose decay is not perceived nor considered something which happens to someone else and which a person can observe from the outside

The dream releases collective memory.

Whenever celestial bodies skirt the Earth, this way and that, it is a harbinger of mental turmoil based in anxiety

– some go this way, some go that – now this way, now that way.

The irregular motion of the planets in a dream.

The publication is available through the distribution network Kosmas and Bookshop Artmap.

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English translation of the book RETURN SELF.NEW was published in 2020 by Alienist Press.

The book is free to download in pdf format: RETURN SELF.NEW

Author’s reading, which took place within the framework of the international festival Prague Microfestival 2020.

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