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Sea-Water Amplification (SWA)

Sea-Water Amplification (SWA) is a hybrid environment for education and research. In the past, we worked on the Portuguese coast line of Praia de Norte. Currently, all our educational and research activities take place on the island of Pico in the Azores archipelago. Here it attempts to cultivate forms of interspecies communication and multi-sensory methods of experience in relation to outdoor pedagogy and epistemology of seascapes.

Keywords: being ocean as praxis, anthropology of water, sea epistemology, atmospheric worlds, air, acoustic ocean, perception of weather, thinking with water, sea-water environment, blue humanities, performative mapping, wave study, marine costal ecosystem, biodiversity, outdoor education, ecology of practices


As a collective which is primarily focused on art-research practice, we are able to cultivate intercultural values by artistic means. Art’s great value lies in its ability to remain open and accommodate diverse perspectives on the world, overcoming language barriers and connecting various cultural and aesthetic preferences.

  • Sea-Water Amplification (SWA) cultivates our senses for the realization that the world breathesand that we are active participants in this dynamic, breathing structure.
  • Sea-Water Amplification (SWA) does not consider the ocean something completely other, butrather as an intelligent, dynamic environment, a threshold of perception which we are able to experience only through many accreted moments inscribed within and through our bodies.
  • Sea-Water Amplification (SWA) studies the diversity of representational practices which create the world and make it profound. It reminds us that aquatic metamorphoses are always present, flowing through various entities and rising to the surface of everyday perception.
  • Sea-Water Amplification (SWA) also considers some of the drawbacks of the western approach to education.

Website: Sea-Water Amplification (SWA)

Instagram: Sea-Water Amplification (SWA)

☂️We would like to establish a longer-term cooperation with other ocean subjects. We are also looking for partners who would be able to fund our research activities ☂️

📒 If you would like to learn more about the SWA project (or other projects), please contact us at info@abhpp.org or via our Instagram.

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The Sea-Water Amplification (SWA) was supported in 2022 by the Cultural Association for Central and Eastern Europe – ZoomEuropa.


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