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François Laruelle: ON THE BLACK UNIVERSE, 2018

In the foundations of color, vision sees the Universe; in the foundations of the Universe, it sees man; in the foundati- ons of man, it sees vision.

The Earth, the World, the Universe have to do with man: the Earth a little, the World a lot, the Universe passionately. The Universe is the inner passion for the Remote.

Man works the Earth, lives in the World, thinks according to the Universe.

The Earth is man’s ground, the World his neighbor, the Universe his secret.

The Earth is the strait through which passes the light of the World; it is the tongue made of sand and water upon which, standing, man strides against the World.

The publication was created with financial support of the festival …next wave/next wave… as part of the project ON THE BLACK UNIVERSE

Translated from the original French version by Jan Motal

Translated into English by Miguel Abreu

The publication in Czech, English and French translation is free to download: ON THE BLACK UNIVERSE

Bibliographic data: Author: François Laruelle Publisher: Ausdruck Books ISBN: 978-80-270-4633-1 Translation: Jan Motal Graphic design: Jakub Kovařík Year: 2018

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