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Strange Homelessness: Dreaming as Real Praxis, 2021

Strange Homelessness: Dreaming as Real Praxis, is the first part of a research performance-educational project The Transversal Navigation (TTN).

Let’s for a while consider waking life and dreaming together. If our dreams were duly interconnected, so that every night the same people and the same circumstances returned, we would be unsure as to what is waking and what is dream. And so, if we speak about a waking state, we must also include a state of dreaming. We dream for a single reason, and that is to access reality.

17 February (2021): To have no other dream – but this one!

We close our eyes and dissolve in blackness. We do so without fear because that which we call our ‘I’ disappears. We feel we are in direct contact with outside reality, but that is naive. Dreaming is likely something which happens in a dream, and not something we do. Within the seemingly infinite world of dreams we begin to exist. We lose our sense of self and find it again. In the morning, we wake up and continue in our real life although, in a way, we continue to dream. Just like at night, during the day we are plunged into the same dream as well. We move – we travel, in the same medium.

What happens when dreaming becomes explicit? Will it shake the foundations of that which seems real? What happens when an overabundance of dreams is applied to real- ity? We’re already there. Is there an optimal method of dreaming which would make the world a “natural reality”? What regularities might we find in this intoxicated world of dream if we wake from a dream and return back to reality?

Project author: Aleš Čermák  Supervision: Jindřiška Křivánková, Jakub Gottwald, Jan Bárta, Matouš Hejl Theoretical support: Marie Štindlová  Sound design: Matouš Hejl Grapfhic design: Terezie Štindlová Technical support: Jaro Repka, HAMU/GAMU Translation: Vít Bohal Project coordinator & curator: Petr Krátký (GAMU)

Website: The Transversal Navigation (TTN)

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Accompanying texts to the first part of TTN.

Aleš Čermák, On strange homelessness

Jakub A. Ferenc, Transversality as Medium: On the Profound Being of Human and Non-Human Objects

Vít Bohal, Transverzální navigace Aleše Čermáka

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