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All of This Is Yours 1 & 2, 2015-2019

Since 2014, we have been trying to develop various forms of inclusive approaches in the field of performative acting. We regularly invite mentally and physically handicapped groups of non-actors into our projects. With whom we develop individual themes, but also entire projects. Performative projects work with different layers of narrative, but primarily take into account the unique personality of the actors involved. For example, one layer of narrative may have a documentary character, but it is not subject to any predetermined intention and structure. Through this narrative scheme, it is possible to freely develop the stories of the individual actors without subjecting the resulting shape to unnecessary hierarchical rules.


In 2015, we decided to prepare the first performative project, which will be dedicated exclusively to disabled non-actors. This is how the first part of the performative project This all belongs to you. The project involved five physically and mentally handicapped actors of different ages and with different life experiences. This gave a unique testimony about the way of perceiving the world, where the voice of each participant is not a voice of quiet or resigned, but on the contrary it is a voice of distinct and urgent.

In 2019, in collaboration with Jan Bárta and production platform CreWcollective, we prepared a second sequel to this performance project All of This Is Yours 2. In our group, we agreed that we would be interested in the time shift that separates us from the first part. At the time of the second sequel, it was four years. We invited another player (Veronika Maschkova) to join the group, who was able to balance the whole shape very interestingly. We ask ourselves questions. What has changed since then? If something has really changed, what form does it take? Is it possible that some people do not age? Can the body go beyond the language itself and create a distinctive form of reality?

We agreed that we are not interested in the answers, but above all in their diversity.

Concept Jan Bárta, Aleš Čermák Performers Jaroslava Krpálková, Veronika Maschková, Tereza Hauserová, Josef Fojt, Martin Vošmík Music Matouš Hejl Light design Tomáš Morávek

The project All of This Is Yours 1 and 2 was co-produced with Studio Alta in Prague and the production platform CreWcollective. Both mentioned projects were presented at a number of theatre and dance festivals throughout the Czech Republic during the years 2015 – 2021.

Website: All of This is Yours

External resources:

Interview with Jan Bárta for Dance News magazine (only Czech language): Rozhovor s Janem Bártou

If you want to learn how one of the actors got into the theatre, or what she owes to her handicap, so you can read a short with her here (only Czech language): Rozhovor s Veronikou

In 2016, we presented our creative activities to date within the Prague PechaKucha Night.


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